QuizTix: Animal Pics

Part of QuizTix: Quiz Genius  “QuizTix: Animal Pics” is the first in the QuizTix “Pics” series and features amazing high-quality animal photos from top wildlife photographers around the world. See some of the most awe-inspiring, cute, and sometimes, just plain weird, wildlife pics on the planet. So you think you’re an animal lover? Test your animal trivia by answering 500 questions across 18 categories about some of the most fascinating animal facts.

Test your animal trivia on subjects such as:

- Camouflage
- Predators
- Super Powers
- Living With Humans
- Sea Life
- Fight or Flight
- Endangered Species
- Many more.

Answer questions to fill the wildlife park seats

Unlock achievements as you go until the park is full! Spin the prize wheel to win bonuses and if you get stuck on a particularly tricky question, use a 50/50 or a ‘Tell Me!’

About Nature Picture Library

Nature Picture Library is one of the world’s finest collections of specialist nature and wildlife photography for the professional market, representing more than 400 leading photographers.

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